A farmer’s experience.

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Discover everything that is hidden behind the Mas Casas farm!

The visit to the farm gives you the opportunity to get to know the different spaces and animals in the farmhouse, see how the lambs and sheep live and understand how they must be cared for in order to obtain good meat and milk quality This experience will bring you closer to the tasks that are carried out in farming and livestock and will allow you to learn more about the importance of taking advantage of natural resources and, even more, of consuming local products. A plus, both before and after the activity, you can enjoy the farm’s leisure spaces and the variety of local products that are made there.

The guided tour of the Mas Casas farm is a way of explaining the importance of extensive livestock farming, the use of natural resources and the consumption of local products. The visit begins by discovering the life that exists in the first 30cm of the earth, which is where all the microorganisms that generate life on the planet live, and the importance of the pasture of a flock of sheep to combat climate change. It then explains how to care for a flock of sheep to obtain good lamb meat, wool and milk, respecting the animals’ natural life rhythms. Curiosities about this animal are also explained and the possibility to touch a lamb is offered. Finally, the different phases for the use of wool, a natural resource with many properties and often unknown uses, are taught.

Experience leader:

Anna , partner of Mas Casas, is in charge of dynamizing this activity, who shares her knowledge of regenerative agriculture and the holistic management of her flock of sheep.

Our mission is to produce healthy and natural food that benefits people’s well-being, respecting animals and the earth as much as possible, applying the principles of regenerative agriculture and holistic herd management.


Educational Centers, Families, Girls and Boys


Children's, family, Nature



Ticket Class

Adult (over 12 years old), Large families, Single parent families, Youth card


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