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What is it like to live in a straw house? Come let us show you!

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Mas la Llum: the largest legalized straw house in Spain. Discover it with us!

Through this experience you will discover all the corners of Mas la Llum, an ecological, bioclimatic and completely self-sufficient rural ecotourism house, self-built with “jumbo” straw bales, wood and mud. This straw house was built in 2011 for Marta, Xavi and their children with the aim of starting a new way of living, more responsible, conscious and in harmony with nature. However, in 2017, the estate suffered a devastating fire that forced the family to start from scratch and build a new one.

Now, Marta and Xavi tell us, from their own experience, what it’s like to live in a sustainable, self-managed and energy-sufficient house.

During the visit you will discover several key aspects of the Casa de Palla, such as:How bioclimatic design self-regulates the interior temperature while providing comfort and energy savings”“how natural resources are self-managed in a sustainable way”, “how rainwater is recovered“, “how compost is made with organic waste“, etc.

It is an experience that aims to inspire all people to live sustainably. Don’t miss it!

Experience drivers:

Xavi, with physics studies, has extensive experience in the industrial field, in the transformation of vehicles and in the bioconstruction of modular buildings, both with autonomous water and light installations. Is an enthusiast of new projects and challenges, and is inspired by the search for sustainable and efficient solutions. His dedication and knowledge make him a professional committed to creating a future that is more environmentally friendly.

Marta is the manager and promoter of Mas la Llum, and self-builder and trainer in bioconstruction. She is passionate about self-sufficiency in rural areas, healthy living, permaculture and the connection with nature. It defends the search for a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment. Her knowledge and experience make her an expert committed to promoting responsible and environmentally friendly practices.

We want to share our knowledge and experiences, while giving tools so that people can adapt and apply them in their everyday lives.


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