Therapeutic tricycle ride.

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We propose a tricycle experience that takes you through unconventional circuits in Sentfores (Vic).

Through this experience, we offer you the possibility of visiting unique environments, such as municipal markets or local shops, by means of tricycles adapted for all audiences that take itineraries away from conventional places, traffic and crowds .

This itinerary is designed for:

  • People who, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, are in a situation of “unwanted loneliness” or have mental health problems. For these users we propose therapeutic walks that allow them to reconnect with nearby and natural environments through sustainable tricycle routes. During the experience, users are accompanied by a professional driver (or rider) and, if necessary, by a psychologist.
  • People who want to live an alternative experience, while reconnecting with themselves and the environment. In this case, the experience is conceived as a tricycle tourist route that runs through non-conventional circuits. During the route, users can learn about historical anecdotes from the territory and visit new green spaces that are away from traffic and day-to-day crowds.


Characteristics of the Ruta del Rector de la Guixa:

This route follows a rural path that crosses places of landscape and ecological importance. The route is circular, it starts and ends at the same point in the center of Sentfores and runs smoothly to the small town of Malla. Both on the way out and back, the path skirts rapeseed fields that offer unparalleled visual contrasts.

  • Kilometers: 6 km.
  • Difference in level: 2%.
  • Difficulty: minimal.
  • Paving: asphalt and sand.
  • Meeting point: Carrer de les Escoles, 11, 08505 Sentfores.


Experience drivers:

The riders are the people in charge of dynamizing the experience. They are professional, local drivers with specific training who know the territory in depth. Through their accompaniment, the riders offer calm, unique and regenerative experiences that encourage people to reconnect with themselves and the environment.

The so-called fourth wave, that of mental health problems as a result of Covid-19, is already starting to emerge. The demand for alternative therapeutic services to conventional treatments has increased alarmingly in recent months. Through these itineraries we fight against social isolation, generate emotional bonds and promote sustainable mobility.

We offer this experience both for people with special needs and for people who are aware of sustainability and want to discover the territory in an alternative way to the usual.

What do you tell us? Are you up for it?


Adults, Families




Central Catalonia


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