Fair, responsible, artisan and quality coffees.

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Are you able to perceive the diversity of aromas and flavors that characterize our coffees?

Dare yourself with a tasting of top quality coffees. With this experience you will learn to distinguish the nuances that they exist among the various types of coffee that are produced and the techniques used in their preparation. You will try some of the most select products from our menu while looking for the contrast and differences between each other. Finally, in a space for debate and a good atmosphere, we will end up drinking a cold beer together to analyze the experience and exchange opinions.

What do you think about it? We are waiting for you!


Experience drivers:

Ivette Vera and Cristian Povedano are in charge of directing the activity. Both they and the rest of the team are very clear its values and goals: “closeness and respect for producers and presence and care throughout the process”. All of them are lovers of good coffee and seek to enhance each of its qualities with their own quality standards.


Adults, Companies and Team Building


Gastronomy, Handicraft




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