We preserve the biodiversity and cultural heritage of Boumort.


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Four days of connection with nature in a small paradise where the spirit of the untamed still reigns. are you ready

We offer you a 4-day experience in the Serra de Boumort, a protected natural space located in a set of transverse ranges of the western Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, straddling the counties of Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà and Alt Urgell. It is a natural site that stands out for its exceptional plant and fauna biodiversity and, even more, for its strong will to survive and preserve itself in an increasingly globalized and urban context.

During these 4 days you can enjoy a wide variety of experiences in Boumort and two fantastic stays in Cal Rossa (two nights) and at the Cuberes refuge (one night). All the proposed activities are guided and developed under the criteria of responsibility, sustainability and commitment.


What does it include?

The final price includes full board accommodation , guided ecotourism activities , meals with local products and 4×4 transport .


The itinerary for days:

This is the itinerary we propose for your stay in Boumort.



7.15pm – Collection of the group by 4×4 at La Pobla de Segur / La Seu d’Urgell station.

8:30 p.m. – Arrival at Cal Rossa. Briefing.

9:00 p.m. – Dinner.



8:30 a.m. – Breakfast.

10.45am – River fauna activity (approx. 2.30 hours).

1.30pm – Lunch at Cal Rossa de Taús.

16h00 – Visit to the Taús cow farm.

8.30pm – Dinner.



8:30 a.m. – Breakfast.

9:00 a.m. Climb with 4×4 to the Flacó pass.

10:00 a.m. – Observation of large raptors with cloth hide. Capacity of 2 pax per hide.

12:30 – Family free time surrounded by nature.

1.30pm – Outdoor snack.

15h00 – Itiinterpretive nerary through the ‘Bosc de Cuberes’ to the Refuge de Cuberes. We read the traces of the fauna and discover the ecosystem of the forest.

18h00 – Arrival at the Cuberes Refuge.

8.30pm – Dinner.



8:30 a.m. – Breakfast.

9.30am – Bird and bat nest box monitoring activity (on foot from the Cuberes Refuge).

12:00 – Rest time (and to collect the luggage).

1.30pm – Lunch at the Cuberes Refuge.

15:00 – Descent with 4×4 towards the Pobla de Segur / La Seu d’Urgell train station.


Experience drivers:

Albert , the guide, is an environmentalist, guide of the Alt Pyrenees Natural Park, mountain guide, and founder of the company Salvatgines based in Baix Pallars. This company was born from the vocation to make known the great biodiversity of fauna and flora in the area and has been accredited by the RNC de Boumort to carry out activities within this protected space. Apart from carrying out wildlife observation guides, Albert is a specialist in the field of environmental education and, with all this, in 2018 he was recognized as a young entrepreneur in the region of Pallars Jussà.

Gabi , the cook, is passionate about climbing and mountains. In 1993 he went up to Amitges and met the keeper of the refuge; it was at that moment when Gabi entered the world of cooking and began his journey as a chef. Later, in 1998, once settled in Cuberes with Anna, he started his personal and family project: turning an old forest house into the current Cuberes refuge. This is the only refuge kept within the RNC de Boumort and is considered one of the best places from which to see and hear the bellowing of the deer. Nowadays, Gabi works at the refuge making homemade and innovative cuisine with a vegetarian trend and local products.


Adults, Families


family, Gastronomy, Nature


High Pyrenees and Aran

Ticket Class

From 6 to 8 people (all inclusive), Up to 5 people (all inclusive)


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