Let’s explore together the bond that binds us to the Earth.


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Adults, Families


Culture, family, Handicraft, Nature


High Pyrenees and Aran

Ticket Class

General admission, Group of 10 people

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Enjoy a regenerative experience while (re)connecting with yourself and the Earth.

Through this workshop we seek to explore together the strong bond that unites us with the Earth. We want to bring you closer to what it means to “take care of ourselves as humans” and understand “what unites us and what separates us”. Through clay and focusing on healing, we seek to connect with our depths and with those of the Earth.

This ceramics monograph is designed in a systemic key, which means that it fully takes care, quality affective relationships and emotional education into account. In this proposal, the people, the tribe and their well-being are at the center of the activity.

On the other hand, this workshop also puts Mother Earth at the center of the activity since the raw material with which she works is clay. In this sense, during the course of the workshop we will talk openly about our relationship with nature, how we should treat it, and how we can make our environmental impact as less harmful as possible.

As a final result of the experience you will take home a unique object created by you. In addition, if you want, you can enjoy a fantastic lunch menu at Refugi Casa Bigodé, where vegetarian dishes are offered with 100% local products.


Drivers of experience:

Marta and Maria are in charge of revitalizing the space where the monograph takes place: the Casa Bigodé Refuge.

Marta is a social educator and menstrual therapist. Maria is a teacher, ceramist and systemic pedagogue. Together, they have begun to bring the Shelter to life with great enthusiasm. Its aim is to create a space in the Vall Fosca where it can offer much more than a “refuge” where to spend the night. They want to co-create “a culturally alive place, with art on the walls and music coming out of the windows.”

“For us, it’s important to create spaces where people can feel good, that radiate beauty and well-being.”

“With this workshop we aim to recover the tradition of the Pallars potters. We believe it is very important to recover this cultural legacy and transfer it to today’s society.”


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