Put your creativity to work with our screen printing workshop!


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It highlights one of the most used ancestral techniques of the moment and learn how it has evolved over time!

What do you know about this millennial stamping technique?

Screen printing is a printing method that allows us to transfer images traced on a template to a specific surface using a mesh with ink.

By participating in this workshop you will learn about one of the most popular stamping techniques in the world and you will do it in a very simple, dynamic and fun way. Let your imagination run wild and print the most original designs on 30×40 or 40×50 sheets! If you want to use another type of support such as paper, textile, glass, plastic or wood, let us know and we will evaluate together the best option!

* It is a workshop suitable for all audiences; however, it should be noted that the studio may be difficult to access for people in wheelchairs. (At the front door there is a step 18 cm high; the width of the door is 74 cm; and the stamping table 85 cm high).


Experience drivers:

Oriol and Georgina are graphic designers, creatives and embossers who create their own limited edition products such as posters, t-shirts, bags, dolls, kitchen utensils or towels. Oriol already had its own stamping workshop ago more than 20 years and now, since 2018 and together with Georgina, his work and life partner , he develops and energizes screen printing workshops in a graphic studio right in the middle of the old town of Olot.

Our workshop aims to be as responsible as possible with the environment and society; that’s why we use inks in water and not in solvents, and we make sure that all printed materials are ecological or have a social project behind them.


Adults, Companies and Team Building, Families


Culture, family, Handicraft




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