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Deep ecology and artistic expression workshop at Cellera de Ter.


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Discover our landscapes and their faunal and botanical wealth!

Through this activity you will enjoy a regenerative experience in the Vall del Ter-Brugent, in the region of La Selva (Girona).

After a short theoretical introduction, you will take a walk through a chestnut grove in Torrent de Becdejú (the Cellera de Ter), at the north-eastern limit of the Guilleries, and you will carry out exercises in sensory perception, communication and artistic expression. In this way, you will be able to connect in a deep way with yourself and with the environment while getting to know an emblematic natural area of Catalonia and delighting in the chromatic spectacle of autumn.

Deep ecology studies the relationships we establish with Nature and its inhabitants, placing consciousness as a starting point. Artistic expression provides openness and dynamism to explore our inner self and what surrounds us.

It is a very simple route with a difference in level of 90m and a total distance of 1.5 km. It is recommended to bring water and comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for walking in mountainous terrain.

* No prior knowledge or special artistic skills are required. You can bring a notebook to take notes but it is totally optional.

* Activity available for over 12 years.


Experience Driver:

Arturo Solari is a plastic artist, art therapist and social educator. He will accompany you to discover this wonderful place and help you open your perception and intuition so that you can capture the messages of nature.

Our purpose is to promote local tourism while making known a natural space that today remains unknown to the people of the region itself. We want to reduce the ecological footprint generated by tourist mobility, promote the reconnection of local residents with their territory, generate deep ties between visitors and the environment and raise awareness to favor the conservation of natural environments.

Meeting Point

Massís de les Guilleries (Girona)


D’11 a 13h30 (2h30)


Castellà, Català


No accessible

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Necessary material

Quadern per prendre notes (opcional), Roba còmoda, calçat per caminar a la muntanya i aigua

Data límit d'inscripció



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