Get to know our surroundings, immersed in regenerative agriculture and taste our wines.


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An ideal experience for wine lovers.

We offer you an unbeatable wine tourism experience in a winery in Arenys de Munt that produces natural wines from its own reclaimed vineyards. The winery where the activity is carried out follows the guidelines of natural viticulture and promotes the dignity of farming, sustainability, care for the territory, love for the earth, equality between men and women and individual and collective freedoms. · electives of all people.

The experience takes place in three different scenarios and proposes the following dynamics:

First, a walk around the Talcomraja Cellar is carried out to make known the unique landscape of the Maresme and its historical evolution. Secondly, once we arrive at the Can Sala vineyard, the concepts of “regenerative agriculture” and “natural wines” are introduced and the wine tasting begins. Finally, the cellar is accessed and four paired wines of local produce are tasted.


Experience Driver:

Joan Munich is the promoter of the Pensa en vi Association and the Talcomraja Cellar. He works as a farmhand at the Can Pau Bernadó estate and acts as procurator for the Can Riera, Can Sala and Can Flaquer vineyards. At the same time, he combines all the previous tasks with his work as a biology teacher to high school students.

Through this experience, Joan wants toget to know the winemaking past of the area, as well as its natural and cultural values, taking the vineyard and the wine as its backbone. At the same time, it carries out an excellent pedagogical task to spread the importance of regenerative agriculture when it comes to protecting natural ecosystems and improving human health.


Adults, Companies and Team Building


Culture, Gastronomy, Nature




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