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From La Xarxa we offer you a new catalog of responsible tourism experiences co-created with the cultural and associative fabric of the territory, based on the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) of the UN.

We promote local tourism to respond to the eco-social transition and promote an economic revival that is socially just and environmentally responsible. We are committed to the co-creation of new tourism imaginaries based on the Social Economy that value the essence of the territory and its people.


We promote a tourism model of proximity that responds to the ecological transition.


We make responsible use of natural resources by valuing their conservation.

Social Justice

Together we create new tourist imaginaries based on the practices of the social and solidarity economy.

Responsible tourism

More than a decade working for sustainable and local tourism

Aethnic has been working since 2006 promoting Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (TRS), a way of understanding tourism that is fully respectful of the territory, the environment, local cultures and identities, and at the same time beneficial for the economy and for the people who live there.

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