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Do you know the Raku technique? Do you want to discover it and celebrate it? Do not miss it!

Through this workshop you will approach the world of ceramics in a simple, rewarding and emotional way and you will explore the Rakú technique in a very special place in La Garrotxa. You will treat various materials in a conscious way, without wasting or polluting the Earth, and promoting the quality and well-being of our environment.

With this workshop you will give life to an ancestral craft technique in a participatory and cultural way. You will share an experience under the telluric influence of the Garrotxa volcanic area and you will discover a rural environment with a historical heritage of incalculable value.

* You can choose between the morning or afternoon shift. At the end of the workshop, you will take home at least one piece you made yourself.


The dynamics of the workshop. Lídia explains it to us:

When you arrive at Taller d’en Giny, you will find an authentic and welcoming space. I will accompany you and the rest of the group the whole time. Em you will see it go up and down endlessly.

After introducing ourselves and setting ourselves up, I’ll show you the materials and tools we have available… we’ll get down to business gently and respectfully. We’ll try to speak softly so as not to scare the ants or the ladybugs… and if it’s summer we’ll protect ourselves from the sun and mosquitoes.

We’ll let the creative “touch” simply happen and I’ll give you explanations. You will make or decorate your own ceramic piece and we will bake it. We will wait with excitement to see the results, which we will remove with tongs from the oven. During the waiting time we can rest, enjoy our company, take care of the environment, indulge ourselves with a Piscolabis, comment on our experience and share our concerns.


Experience leader:

Lídia Pla is in charge of managing the Rakú ceramics workshop. She is an artisan and studied sculpture at the Massana school and enamel techniques at the La Bisbal ceramics school. She has practiced various techniques throughout her career, but when she discovered Rakú, now 20 years ago, she was fascinated and immediately knew she would share it with a wide variety of people.

I understand craftsmanship as a discipline that aims to give beauty and charm to our everyday objects, whether they have a utilitarian purpose or not.


Adults, Families


family, Handicraft, Nature



Ticket Class

General admission, Large family (Adult), Large family (Minor), Person in a Disability Situation


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