Itinerary for urban agriculture in the city of Barcelona.

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What do Barcelona’s community urban gardens give us? Find out with us!

For some time, our city has been committed to promoting urban green infrastructure with the aim of making nature grow in Barcelona, generating benefits for citizens and promoting the conservation of biodiversity.

Through the Barcelona HORTera experience you can walk through some of the most unique experiences related to urban agriculture. In the course of the activity, you will visit urban gardens and composting spaces and learn about some of the most interesting community and neighborhood projects currently underway in the city.

Without a doubt, this itinerary shows the other side of the big city, the one that promotes human relations and well-being through urban agriculture activities and the one that seeks to improve biodiversity and add more community green spaces to the citizen welfare service.

Experience drivers:

Josep Maria Vallès is in charge of revitalizing this experience. He has been working as an agronomist and urban horticulturist for more than 30 years and works as a writer and publicist on topics related to urban agriculture.

With experiences like this, Josep Maria and his team want to give visibility to community urban agriculture projects that serve to inspire new urban garden projects and new forms of relationship between citizens.


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