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Introduction to the world of Ratafia.

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What is hidden behind this millennial liquor? Find out with us!

We propose an innovative experience to discover the ratafies of Santa Coloma de Farners. By participating in this activity you will learn about the characteristics of Catalonia’s most emblematic liquor from a cultural, landscape and experiential perspective.

We relate all the ratafies to the landscapes and the people who made them. In this way, everyone who participates in the tasting will know its origins, its ingredients and the best way to taste them.

You will taste the boldest pairings with the most traditional accompaniments, such as nuts, sweets or biscuits; all the while giving the value that local products from La Selva deserve. Finally, we will reveal the most foolproof tricks to make the ratafia you like best at home!

*Experience for over 18s.

Experience drivers:

Pau Pujol , Ernest Morell , Pau Torra , Marçal and Míriam make up the team in charge of revitalizing the ratafies tasting. They work democratically and fairly in a workplace that revolves around a shared passion: “vindicating the culture and know-how of the popular liquor store”.

We are united by our passion for homemade spirits. We bet on alcoholic sovereignty, rethink the consumption and production of alcoholic beverages and value the liquor culture of our country.


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Handicraft, Culture, Gastronomy




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